Friday, March 6, 2009

ManaGen, launch today?

So I've been working on ManaGen on stop. Aidin finished the soundtrack and it sounds great, I'm going to also be using his great music in the cinematic.

speaking of which... that is all that's left art wise. I'm going to get to that in say... 7 hours? So I should be able to do a release of ManaGen tonight!!

Some new features I've implemented since I started:
- High Score percentage is saved
- Your progress can be saved
- 50 Levels are playable all with individual art
- Boomie has stopped, walk, and run animation
- The Nibs are all in and functional.
- The World fades in as you play!

To Dos for Tomorrow!
- Test out Co-Op!
- Implement the remained of the music
- Check for Bugs (fixed the game breaking ones)
- Make Tutorial out of level 1 (Arrows and text)
- Get the Cinematics in-game and finished (Audio is done for them)
- New Controls page
- fix the Pause Tips (text is blurry, Flash export problem)

I'll try to post an ongoing track of whats happening as I do it tomorrow. When all is said and done I'll post up some screenshots, and this weekend I'll get a launch trailer up (probably saturday).

I'll also get a post mortem up soon (probably an in-depth one will come with the new website (see bellow)).

----------- In other Algitt News ------------
I've got some concept art being worked on by Josh. It looks great, its for my next Project (an RTS).

Also the design for the new Website is almost done (Thanks Drew!)! So Hopefully by sometime next week I should get a brandnew site up. With community features, a forum, dev blogs, project pages, news updates, and more!

----------- Last Words ------------
Go see Watchmen! I saw it at Midnight, hands down the most intelectual SuperHero Movie I've ever seen. Reminded me of Identity Crisis (Also a DC graphic novel). Don't miss it! (Oh and its pretty graphic, so be ready for that)

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