Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Head to the Pavement

Its one thing to say your going to start your own game company, it is a totally different world once you actually throw yourself in the ring.

There is a lot of Paperwork, and legal material to sort through before you can even get off the ground. I chose an LLC because I wanted to have the best protection I could get from the outset, and I'm really happy with my choice. But in retrospect I wish I had filed for my company in January 2009, so i wouldn't have had to fill outsome of my paperwork twice (beginning of the year is beginning of the year, even if you haven't been around that long).

The process is a very daunting one, with a lot of risk involved, but I live for that kind of a rush. When you are doing something you've always dreamed of, you are stressed out, but totally living in the moment even with that added pressure.

Now that I am waist deep in everything I can see that it was completely the right choice for me to strike out there and go indie. Its going to be a tough road, but I've set up a lot of protective barricades to ensure the best possible outcome. Soon the quest will begin, and It will be time for me to search for a publisher to make the next step in the journey through indie land.

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